Life as a HOUSE

Note by Kingsley Omorefe Iyamu – April 22-2000 -10:00am

This is a continuous edited write up

-sketch- Faith, handwork, Truth, conscience, Patience

Site/Location (Paints, Foundation, Hard core, German floor, Block work, Doors, Window, Mortal, Lintel, Roofing, Wood-type, Roof-type, Nails, Interior- paints, furniture’s, accessories, Exterior Paints, fence, gate…etc.

Please pardon me for this write up might be broken, stopped or misuse of words or spellings.

Welcome to a life as I may want to see, live, show and tell people all over the world to torch and change the you inside “YOU”

Your life is a House and you can start rebuilding today/now if you want to, cos its never too late to start again, “He says it’s not over till it is over. The first question is -where do you want/wish to build your House

1- Site/Location- The place you build your house has a very important aspect to play from the beginning to the finish, of your house, in our gist the site is seen as Religion,Believes…etc. Getting a site one has to be very careful in choosing, some land are water log that if you buy at dry season you will have problems in the raining season when the rain comes heavy.

In terms of religion and believes, the type of religion you place your life into affects you from the beginning to the end. This will be discuss at length at a later part of this discussion. Under site/location are the problems of existing Houses, types, and kinds, in our talk we will see this as the people you meet in your chosen religion and believes how they influence our/your “LIFE” positively or negative, are they the type you can run to in time of needs.

Under site/location is the thought of accessibility is your site such that one has to travel through bad and hard road before getting to your site, in order words does your chosen religion entails rituals to be be very precise and straight to the point. Is your chosen area exclusive for the rich, poor, or general with a sense, How sure and good are the security system in your location. In your religion are you secure and rest assure that no weapon form or fashioned against you and your household prosper. Does your location lack some basic amenities like water, light, good roads, good health acre…etc.

So does your believe give that water of life when you drink and you taste no more. does the water available give Life? would your believe give light and darkness will have no place in your life. with good health and so on. I could go and on to let you know the real important of site in starting a life/house. Least I forget the type or kind of person (life/house) that will lead or slow you the site/location you buy to start your house is of almost important in this discuss of choice

2- to be continue


The man Kingsley Efe Iyamu is a known artist from Nigeria. Immigrated to Canada in the year 2011. As an enthusiastic and ever learning individual he went back to school here in Canada where he advanced his career as a graphic designer for print and web. He possess the qualities of a successful artist. Kingsley, known for his persistence quality he continues to push for what he loves best to do in using painting to portray tradition and culture into visual arts. His patience for doing what he loves best to do gives him the calm endurance that even if he is not selling his art works at present. Also his passion and sense of adventure give him the consistency and focus on his art and don’t care what the world thinks. One thing that blows my mind about this great icon is the fact that his confidence, discipline and determination give him the strength to continue producing enormous works that enable him to express his ideas in the arts that he created and every one of his art is observed from a different point of him and no work from other artist has the same perspective like his. This man is a free-spirited man that loves what he does, never stop learning, as the saying goes practice makes perfect, the sky will be his limit.

Note by Anthonia Akungbe Eguakun